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6 Must-Haves for DIY Interior Painting

6 Must-Haves for DIY Interior Painting

Nothing changes the voice of your home like a room or two with vivid, new paint. Whether you are going for a fresh, elegant look or simply repainting to give your room that stunning impeccably kept look, here are six items that are a must for DIY interior painting. 

Painter's Tape

Painter's tape is the key to crisp, flawless lines, and you should always buy quality painter's tape, like ScotchBlue. Premium painter's tape will seal well so that the paint will not bleed behind it. ScotchBlue Original is for basic painting or repainting, but you may want ScotchBlue Sharp Lines or ScotchBlue Ultra-Sharp Lines for a more delicate job like striping. 

Paint Trays

A reusable metal paint tray will work. Its legs attach to a ladder, and you can buy liners to fit it. One of the alternate options, if you chose a Little Giant ladder, is the Fuel Tank paint tray. This tray hooks onto Little Giant ladders, holds your brush in place magnetically and holds one whole gallon of paint. Additionally, a unique polymer allows you to let the paint dry and simply peel it off. 

Extension Pole

To reach the ceilings and topmost parts of your wall, you'll need an extension pole. This Mr. LongArm extension pole extends to 6 feet. Its fiberglass handle delivers comfort. It's made from anodized aluminum, so it doesn't rust, and its mylar threading fits well into most threaded tools. It securely locks at any length of extension.

Drop Cloth

It is quite common to have accidents while painting, and drop cloths prevent them from becoming permanent messes. A ScotchBlue Pre-Taped Painter's Plastic drop cloth is one way to go. It already has the tape attached and folds out to 2 feet by 30 yards. You can remove this tape without leaving residue for up to 14 days.

It is quite common to have accidents while painting, and drop cloths prevent them from becoming permanent messes.

Brushes and Rollers

Rollers and brushes are a must. For brushes, you should be very particular, choosing a product like the Wooster Series Gold Edge brushes 3-pack. Included are high-quality brushes in 1-inch, 1 1/2-inch and 2-inch sizes.


You may be tall enough to reach the ceilings, but most people aren't. You'll probably need a ladder. If you're going to use the Fuel Tank paint tray, you'll need to buy a Little Giant ladder. Their Flip-N-Lite stepladder is a 6-foot aluminum ladder that safely supports up to 300 pounds.

You're all set, right? Know that while DIY painting is fun, it's hard work, too, and can be exhausting. Do you think that you may still need help? Call Tar Heel Painters! Tar Heel Painting does residential painting, drywall repair, wallpaper removal and wood staining.