5 Steps To Prepping for Exterior Painting Projects

At Tar Heel Painters in Chapel Hill, NC, our professionals never cut corners when prepping for exterior residential and commercial painting projects. In the realm of painting, success and optimal results begin with setting the stage correctly for the task at hand. Here are the basic five steps our detail-oriented teams handle before the first stroke of paint hits surfaces.

1. Power Washing for Optimal Cleanliness

Pressure washing is a highly effective way to remove any grime, residue and begin the process of removing any chipped paint. The combination of a specialized detergent and a constant stream of water ensures that the surfaces are extra clean, which will allow the paint to properly adhere for long-lasting results.

2. Removal of Loose and Chipping Paint

Fresh paint and old loose or chipping paint mix like oil and water””they don’t. This is why our painting professionals take time to follow up power washing with the removal of any flaking or chipped paint on the exterior of your structure. Skipping this step is one of the most common DIY painting mistakes individuals make, as the process can be time-consuming and messy when done improperly.

3. Repairing Surface Flaws and Worn Materials

With dirt, debris and old paint removed, some surface flaws or rotted, worn materials beyond their years may present themselves. We will replace any damaged exterior wood, siding or other materials as needed while repairing any flaws on the surface before painting and prime them for painting. Often, these issues hide beneath the paint and may not be apparent until this stage of the game, but our pros have the experience to restore any type of siding with ease.

4. Re-caulking, Resealing and Prepping Exteriors for Painting

Buildings have a tendency to “˜breathe’ between seasons as the changing weather causes the structure to contract and expand. This process can result in compromises in materials that keep the home airtight such as caulk and other sealants that surround trim, siding seams, windows and other openings. We will apply fresh caulk and seal as needed and proceed to finalizing the prep zones with tarps, masking tape, and drop cloths to protect gardens, walkways, windows, doors, etc.

Fresh paint and old loose or chipping paint mix like oil and water

5. Post-Painting Clean Up

Once our Chapel Hill painting crew has completed your exterior painting project, we take extra care to triple check for any last-minute touch-ups that may be necessary. Of course, we don’t leave any mess behind for our customers to take care of, so we take charge by removing any old debris from the prep and painting process and taking them offsite as a part of our service.

We then carefully pick up any tarps, remove any painters tape, and tidy up any sort of “˜mess’ from the job. A supervisor will then perform a walk around inspection and make sure that every customer is pleased with the final results prior to leaving the job site. Your 100% satisfaction is our only goal!

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